Resources for Patients

We have put together the list of patient-friendly resources below on various topics to support your care.

Patients attended by Dr Rossiter will find specific resourses here.

Family physician-patient compact

Doctor Patient Compact (GPSC, BC Family Doctors)

BC vaccine schedules

Routine schedule for infants & children (ImmunizeBC)
Routine schedule for school age (ImmunizeBC)
Vaccines recommended for adults (ImmunizeBC)

Lifestyle changes

QuitNow – Free program to help quitting smoking
iCanQuit – Quit smoking app
Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines (PDF)
BC Centre on Substance Use
Obesity Canada
Community Substance Use Services Clinics
Canada’s food guide for healthy eating
How to manage your cholesterol (PDF)

Mental health

Calm Apps (PDF)
Free Support for Mental Wellness (BounceBack)
Affordable Counseling (Inkblot)
Depression Resource Guide (PDF)
Anxiety Canada (Progressive Muscle Relaxation)
Stress Booklet (PDF)
Sleep Hygiene (PDF)
Sleep Foundation
Anxiety – A booklet for people who take a benzodiazepine regularly

Nutrition and physical activity

Physical activity for older adults (BCRPA)
Dietician services (HealthLinkBC)

High blood pressure

Hypertension-Patient-Guide (PDF)

Routine screening

Lifetime Prevention Screening Guide (PDF)
How to schedule a mammogram for yourself

Heart failure

Heart Failure (Cardiac Services BC)
Heart Failure Zones (Heart & Stroke)

Pelvic floor

Women’s Pelvic Floor Leaflets (Bladder Symptoms)

Do bugs need drugs

Influenza – Self Care Without Antibiotics
Sinus Infection – Self Care Without Antibiotics
Sore Throat – Self Care Without Antibiotics
Cold, Runny Nose – Self Care Without Antibiotics
Cough – Self Care Without Antibiotics

Suffering from chronic pain

Tame the Beast
Managing Chronic Pain (PDF)
Pain BC
Pain BC – Online Pain Support and Wellness Groups
Non-Drug Ways to Manage Chronic Pain (CADTH)
Low Back Pain Exercise to Reduce Pain (HealthLinkBC)
Osteoarthritis – Exercise Tips (VCH)
Osteoarthritis – Walking Pole Handout (OASIS)
Arthritis – Top 10 Exercises to Reduce Pain & Stiffness (CAS)
The Pain Toolkit – Resourceful Videos
Managing Chronic Pain (Arthritis Society)

Skin conditions

Dry Skin and Eczema Protocol (PDF)
Acne-Handout (PDF)
Scalp-Handout (PDF)

Forms for end of life care

My Voice – Advance Care Planning Guide