Influenza vaccine now in stock

Beyond Pharmacy attached to Cannon Medical Clinic at 1575 mcCallum Rd unit #150 now has the influenza vaccine in stock and can administer the vaccine to anyone 5 years of age or older.

Children younger than 5 years of age can have their influenza vaccine administered by the Registered Nurse at Cannon Medical Clinic.

Beyond Pharmacy will also be administering the COVID 19 vaccine.

Previous patients of Drs. Harder, Burns, Grewal and Dhaliwal

Due to the shortage of doctors at Cannon Medical Clinic, previous patients of Drs. Harder, Burns, Grewal and Dhaliwal cannot now be accommodated at the clinic.

Drs. Grewal and Dhaliwal are continuing to see their patients at Pulse Medical in Surrey.

Patients are welcome to request a transfer of their clinic records

Please refer to the uninsured services fees.

Cannon Medical Clinic staff are not responsible for this unfortunate situation and rude behavior will not be tolerated.

Passing of Dr Jonathan Burns

With great sadness we regret to announce the sudden passing of Dr Jonathan Burns. Dr Burns was much-loved by his patients, admired by his colleagues and well-known and respected within Abbotsford.

Dr Burns had a passion for improving healthcare and he founded a medical software company, Pixalere Health Care, which is now used worldwide for wound-care management.

Unfortunately current Cannon Medical Clinic partners are unable to accept Dr Burns’ patients and we recommend contacting the Division of Family Physicians of Abbotsford if in urgent need of a new family physician.